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kcantwell , 20 Jul 2012

Possible cure

Look - There is a possible way to stop your compulsion in a short period of time that costs you nothing now or ever - except for a little time. I will tell you about a mental exercise that has worked for most who tried it. I'm not going to describe it here because it is somewhat complicated. But if you e-mail me at, I will tell you about it and you can try it. I am an individual, not connected with any academic or commercial organization. So let's hear from you and get started with an exercise that could change your life. I post this message from time to time on this site and most of those who have responded and followed the instructions as prescribed have been successful in their desire to quit these annoying and frequently destructive picking compulsions. So e-mail me. And in one week you will have made significant progress in stopping your compulsion.

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