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snsdgirl14 , 23 Jul 2012

Does It Get Better?

Hi everyone. I had a bad acne breakout six months ago that has healed very nicely but has left me feeling obsessive about keeping my skin clear. A week ago I had a pimple on the inside of my nose that I picked at and ended up getting a mark from. I also irritated the corner of my lip with my razor cause I shave my upper lip hair off. I picked at that too, causing very dry skin. Now the dry skin has darkened, making it look much worse. The mark on the inside of my nose is much bigger than the original pimple, just from me picking at it, and is now pink with dry/rough feeling skin over it (a scab I'm guessing?). Other than that, my skin is beautiful, so this is very distressing to me. I feel like I have multiple panic attacks a day wondering if I've permanently ruined my face, if these marks will last forever, what can I do to hide them, etc. My question is, does it get better? Do the marks fade? They are all superficial cuts/grazes, nothing deep or depressed. But will I feel better in time about them? They're very new which I guess is why I'm freaking out about them now. But all I can do is think about them. I go to sleep, wake up, am reminded of them, and just want to sleep again to forget. I'm driving my parents crazy because I keep asking them if it's going to get better (I'm 19). To make matters worse, I'm going to Disney World in 2 weeks with two of my closest friends who haven't seen me since May. I have been looking forward to this trip all summer but now I feel paranoid about my face. I don't want to be focused on my face in Disney World. How can I let this go and just enjoy my time there? I'm also returning to college in a month and just keep thinking that it's going to be so hard facing everyone. Sometimes I feel better about it, sometimes I just feel like I've ruined my face with these two marks. Can someone please offer some words of advice, thanks.
1 Answer
July 23, 2012
most people who post on this forum would give just about anything to only have to worry about 2 marks on their skin ! haha. you should do all you can to stop worrying. they WILL heal completely, most likely in just a week or two. and in the meantime im sure you can cover them with a little concealer.

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