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Karene , 23 Jul 2012

skin picking in a 2 years old

my little girl is just 2 and started skin picking about 2 months before the birth of her brother. How can I stop her doing it when she is so young? She is surely too young for counselling? I have do it for years and I am badly scarred and I don't want my daughter to do it. She is doing it on her face mainly but this week has started on her legs.
2 Answers
July 24, 2012
Wow! A two year old?! Poor sweetie :( do you think she has seen you do it and is imitating your behaviors? Or has she just started doing it on her own?
July 24, 2012
O no I am so sorry:( I have picked since a little girl and my parents always just told me not to, and it didnt work. Having her wear gloves or leggings may help. What is she picking at? moquito bites or something else? bandaides over the picked areas may help and just keeping a watchful eye, but I know with a 2yr old that is near impossible. Good luck! Maybe create a reward system for her for not picking, like if you dont pick your skin today you will get a special treat tonight or something like that and make it really exciting:)

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