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Brynn , 23 Jul 2012

Picking Pores

For me, I pick almost anywhere there is a pore, so all of my face, my chest, my shoulders, my arms, my knee caps especially, my legs and anywhere I shave, so my armpits and crotch region as well. If there is a pore I try to pinch and squeeze usually extracting anything in the pore including hairs and I think even the hair follicle. Does anybody else do this, and if so, do you know of any ways to slow down or stop? I am desperate!
1 Answer
August 08, 2012
I do this too. I even pick at my husband... his pores are bigger and he NEVER picks, so its far more satisfying. He gets extremely angry though. Anyway, I pick aimlessly if I'm just hanging out at home, so I either put bandaids on my fingertips or wear those yellow dish gloves. The gloves are cheaper, but they are a lot easier to cheat with. I see you posted this 2 weeks ago. How are you doing so far?

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