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salng , 24 Jul 2012

Sensory & Picking

I wont be posting often. But my son has sensory integration/processing disorder and I have learned a lot about the need for 'hard work' and proprioceptive input (pushing, pulling, banging, squishing, tight hugs, hard kisses, etc). I noticed that part of a sensory diet for this particular need is heavy weighted blankets, vests, lap blankets, etc. (there are more tools). I also noticed that I as an adult face picker, scab picker, need constant touch (input)m my hands need to be busy touching somethign all the time, non stop (my son is moving nonstop, chewing on things non stop). I need heavy blankets to sleep well, pillows and blankets on my lap for long trips. I need to touch my face and scabes constantly and it's insatiable. But I am now wondering if it could be sensory related. ( my son would head bang on the floor on us hurting himself and us/self harm like picking, but not to be bad, but for the input). I wonder if helping myself would look like getting an evaluation from an OT for sensory processing disorder as an adult. If it would look like having a weighted blanket on my lap so i feel calm and know where my body is instead of knowing where my body is through picking. (that connection thing). Just wanted to share my thoughts and maybe it will help someonelse or someoneelse mighthave experienced postiive results through a similar approach. just ideas in conjuction with therapeutic counseling, DBT classes, etc.

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