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xCHELSx , 26 Jul 2012

Since at least 4th grade.

I'm fairly certain I've had this disorder since (at least. Might've been earlier...) 4th grade. I'm 15 now, entering 11th grade. I don't really want to see a doctor about it, maybe later I will... It's only embarrassing when my friends ask "WOAH, What happened to your thumbs?!?" Yes, I only really pick at my thumb skin. All around the sides and bottom of everything past the upper joint. Occasionally, I'll pick at the skin on the tips of my pointer and middle fingers as well, but most of the attack is on my thumbs. If it get to the point of bleeding, I'll stop and wait, then pick again later... I do it without realizing, and even after I do realize, I keep going. Sometimes, I almost enjoy the sting though... It sounds masochistic, but I'm really not, because I can't stand any other kind of pain. Also, I don't know if this is related to Dermatillomania, but sometimes I bite the inside of my cheeks and lips. Usually it's not serious, but on rare occasion, I'll keep biting at a certain spot until it swells and bleeds. I did it yesterday, and I figured I really need some help about this. My right thumb is in pretty bad condition right now, and I'm considering finally seeing a doctor... but first, anyone got any tips? I thought about putting band-aids on my thumbs until they heal...
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July 26, 2012
I want to say I used to pick- but even though I haven't in nearly a week, I have relapsed almost every time I have tried to stop. I don't pick at my hands, it's face for me - but I share the lip biting ordeal you were talking about. If my skin is good, I tend to take stress out on my lips more because I don't have something to pick otherwise. I once ripped off so much meat on my lip it hurt to even talk and I was caking it with numbing cream all day. I will tell you one thing, bandaids will help. If I have something I am afraid I'll pick, if I keep a bandaid on it as much as humanly possible I don't touch it. If I can't see it I tend not to think about it, and this may help you. I also tend to pick at things more that are already picked rather than spots that have healed. Crusty yuckies always get me- I know, gross, but we all know how this is here... but if you can get them to heal by keeping them covered you may have a better chance of leaving them be longer!
September 06, 2012
I think the bandaids idea is great. I also think that you're right to want to see a doctor. Maybe you could ask him or her to recommend a good therapist. I don't mean to suggest that you're crazy or anything, but I'm willing to bet that, like me, you've got some pretty bad nerves going on! Talking to somebody like a therapist whose feelings you can't hurt (as opposed to talking to your mom or your best friend) can be very relieving. I wish you the best, man! Good luck!

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