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isabell1 , 26 Jul 2012

Hi Everyone, and btw HELP!

I'm surprised and releived to have discovered and be joining this forum-finding that there are people out there that have a problem like mine! I've learned a lot so far, like the fact that picking my skin obsessively can actually be a form of explains why I feel powerless to stop something that I desperately want to stop! My issue is that I'm a young woman with an embarrassing, life-interfering problem: I pick my facial skin- a problem compounded by the fact that it's the most noticable place on my body. I have suffered some minor acne-nothing in the least that stands out. My sorry, obsessive problem is that for some reason, I compulsively pick at any minor acne or abrasive skin I come across.I use tweezers as a concession because if I don't keep them handy, I simply tear my skin apart wtih my bear nails. I feel like a freak show! If I have the smallest, upturned flake of skin, I HAVE to smooth it at all cost. If that means tearing a huge layer off my face, I do it. I hate myself for it, and every time I suffer through a particularly large wound, I tell myself I have learned my lesson, only to discover I have not. Right now, I'm sporting a large, perfectly-picked flat, cherry red spot covering the entire tip of my nose. Absolutely horrible. I'm having a very stressful time, and on the verge of being promoted at my restraunt job-where its imperative that I look really good to fit in with the other managers. This huge, ugly, horrific spot was the result of nothing other than rubbing my nose, then peeling away the upturned tear in order to "flatten" the skin. I knew what would happen, I knew that I couldn't afford to look this way, and I did it anyways. AGAIN. Of course, in those desperate I-have-to-cover-this-weeping-blood-red-wound-with-concealer moments , I continue to pick it flat again and again. It had a healthy looking fresh layer of skin healing over it this afternoon, and rather than leave it well alone, I could not help but rip it off again. I am my own worst enemy with this. I know that I tend to get obsessive when I'm tired, stressed, not eating well, or otherwise agitated. From visiting this site in the past I've learned to recognize my cues and proactively try to stop myself from this horrid habit. Now I'm in the mess again, and I cannot afford to look this way next to my picture-perfect future co-managers. I know that I will soon have to deal wtih the issue of why I do this-and how to stop-but for now I would settle with any help some comrades here could offer: Is there any specific healing products/remedies you've discovered fighting this problem that I could use to lesson the redness of the wound? It roughly resembles a burn mark. Anything regimine I could start with to speed along the healing process? Believe me, anything would help!!!!! (thanks for your time)
4 Answers
July 26, 2012
keep ointment or lotion on it at all times ! it will keep the skin soft, making it less tempting and harder for you to pick at and also speed up healing ! sometimes it doesnt seem like it, but wounds generally heal faster when you dont give them a chance to dry out. good luck (:
July 27, 2012

In reply to by skreed29

Ugh- I've already let it dry out. : C The usual vaseline just feels like a cover on my the scab-not like its actually moisturing it, and regular lotions are bleh. Any natural (or store bought) things I can use to really add some emergency moisture? I got active manuka honey (supposedly the king of natural healing remedies) and it hasn't done as much as I'd like it to..
July 27, 2012

In reply to by isabell1

Hello isabell1, you have literally described everything that I had been through in the last year and a half. I am a young woman and I thought I was the only one who had that major issue of picking/scraping off the healing wound despite I know I should perfectly leave it well alone. At the moment I am dealing with two patches on both sides of my face. One is a pinky/grey mark and the other one is a raw pinky colour. Both are not so raw in redness and are actually not open wounds anymore and also flat with my skin. This is actually been a vast improvement from how it was two days ago. I'm always learning, experimenting with something new to help process the better form of improving blemishes/marks/healing. At the moment, I find by just leaving the blemish alone and that means myself having to stop using my finger nails or sharp tools. Ok, so your probably by now really want to know what I use right now: Its a natural source and I brought it in Holland and Barretts. This is sold in England, so I'm not sure if your from there either. You might find it sounds gross and off putting, but its called 'De Tuinen Snail Gel'. Its purpose is specifically for skin repair and contains aloe vera. It is the slime from Chile Snails (no snails were harmed) that helped repair their shell. The contents has an aloe vera smell and is a clear thick gel substance, so nothing murky or yucky. It says to apply 2-3 times a day but what I have been doing, is applying it thickly over the patch of my face, when it dries, I continue applying more on. I do this before I go to bed, and in the morning, the gel looks peelable. Its like using PVA glue on the skin or a facial peel mask. So when I peel it off gently, it seems to gently peeling off the top layer and doing something to heal it at the same time. Anyway, I hope this works for you too. Once this runs out, I may retreat back to using lemons which is also handy.

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