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lovinmyboys123 , 27 Jul 2012

im a new comer

when i was in the third grade i came home one summer from my grandmas house with a rash all over my legs. My mom thought it was chigger bites. But the doctor told her i had exczma. They really didnt know much bout that then. I done everything to try to clear up but the older i got the worse it did and not just on my legs but all over. Couple yrs of havin it a concuor said it was my nerves that triggerd my exczma. Cause it started when my parents divorced. I grew up missurable. Now at age 26 i am on disabilty cause my skin is so bad i wouldnt be able to even hold a job dwn. I sat and thought to myself why cant i stop scratchin i know not to do it. It even got to were i was smacking my face to please the erge i guess. My mom said ur uppssed with scratching so looked that up and here i am. Learned itvwas a type of ocd. Any help i would love. I knew it wasnt just exzcma. I base my life around my condition. Now i have a 1 and two year old and i dnt wnt them to think its right,catch my habit
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July 27, 2012
Well, you've found a good place to start. Understanding your disorder is important. Understanding why you've developed this disorder and what your triggers are is also important. For me, the more knowledge I gain, the better I am able to help myself take control of my life instead of letting my illness control me. Also, communicating with others who are in recovery or have recovered can help illuminate the path to healthy living, which can certainly seem dark and impossible at times. I think when any disorder begins to interfere with how we want to live our lives, help becomes necessary. Although it's easier said than done, professional help can make a difference. Are there any ocd specialists where you live? Do you think that disability would help cover the costs? And remember, you aren't alone. Everyone here is fighting this battle together.

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