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Orange , 29 Jul 2012

It's time to stop!

I've been away at overnight camp. I didn't realize until I got back that I didn't pick As much there. I think because I was always busy. Now, 2 days after I got back, I haven't picked as much. So I have come up with a plan If I do start picking more again. You guys might wanna try this too! Lasts about 2-3 Weeks and you should continue step 2, but cancel step 1 and 3 when you've become better at not picking. 1. Limit your pickings. Try 45 min. For two days... 30 min. The next two.... 25 min. the next one.... 15-20 min the next two days.... 10 minutes for 3 days... 5 minutes for 2 days.... 2.5 minutes for 1 day... no picking the next. 2. Try keeping busy ALL THE TIME! While away at camp, we cooked, we cleaned, we hiked, we creek walked. Athletics would be the best choice to keep busy with (remember to take breaks now and then! No overworking! =] ) 3. When you want to pick, sit on your hands or tally mark with a pen on your hand, every time you want to pick. (example: I want to pick. MARK ON THE HAND! =] ) I've got faith at least some of you will try. Comment results please! Thank you so much! :) :D
2 Answers
July 29, 2012
ooh, i like your idea of tallying :3 thank you! also, good luck

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