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mmmmm , 29 Jul 2012

what to replace picking with?

i pick my face, my thumbs, my thighs, my knees and my shoulders. it's summer now and i need to stop. i've gotten alot worse lately because it's hot i've been wearing shorts more and when i'm not wearing shorts am getting too hot and getting kinda heat rashes (and then picking them of coarse) so i've picked my legs to peices and it's actually painful to walk at the moment so i've decided i need to stop and let it all heal up. i've just sat and had a sort of 'last pick' and put tons of savlon all over the patches where i pick and now i'm going to try my best NOT to pick..well at me anyway. i need to find something to replace picking with because i notice that when i'm distracted (my hands are doing something else like typing or holding someones hand) i tend to stop, for a moment at least. so i need something i can do with my hands ANY IDEAS? i pick the most when i'm alone so at night i'm gunna resort to picking at my teddy because that helps and sometimes when i'm out i pick up sticks and pull them apart or leaves that helps i saw someone sujest putting a facemask on and picking it off or PVA glue, so i will try that too
5 Answers
July 30, 2012
I think PVA glue works well, also peeling off nail varnish - it comes off easiest after having a shower/bath I've found. You could also get a stress ball. Good luck :)
August 08, 2012
I'm in the same kind of situation, and it sucks! I've tried prayer beads, pulling at them when I want to pick, smoking (not recommended, but something that I do!) and bubble wrap. None of them are NEARLY as good as picking, but they keep your hands occupied. Let me know if you have any more ideas though...
August 08, 2012
Not that it's much better, but I've found that plucking leg hairs with a pair of tweezers seems to be a worthwhile distraction that gives a similar 'satisfaction'...if you find yourself doing it too much then you can just shave it all off. I would limit it to that area of the body though. Don't want to start another problem. Or a 'healthier' option might be to just keep the hands busy while you idle around...playing with string, coins, cards, etc.

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