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ish2 , 31 Jul 2012

Ear Picking

Hi All! After three year in hiding, i've gone public! I love cleaning my ear from using Q tips to plastic forks until they bleed. Over the years, i started to pick my skin from inner ear to the outside of the ear and back and now it is starting to come towards my face. I usually hide behind my long hair but if i dont stop now i will peel my skin all the way to my cheeks. I have recently talked to a psychiatrist and she put me on antidepressant and anxiety medicine. I refuse to take them because of the side effects and i would like to be pregnant again. I have an adorable 8 month old baby, a loving husband, sister parents and inlaws who love and support me. For some reason, i cant find the courage to stop picking my ears. I will report to this forum couple of times a week to update my skin picking status. I hope i find the strength to stop picking in all of you and you find the strength in me to put an end to your misery. Cheers to all and good luck. XoXo
3 Answers
August 08, 2012
I am so glad you went public! I pick at my face, but not my ears. Take it from me, you want to quit before you totally destroy your gorgeous face like I have! You are so blessed to have a supportive family, take advantage of it =) I know we will be able to do this together! Stay strong and good luck!! I'd love to hear an update soon =)
August 21, 2012

In reply to by Krickster

My ear picking has gotten so bad over the past year. I usually go through about 20 Qtips a day, tear skin out of my ears, and scratch at them constantly. My ears are always dry and scabby except when I stick a qtip deep inside and get a yellowish liquid on the end. I can't believe how hard this is to stop. I've been to the ENT for several ear infections and the doctor just scolds me for over cleaning my ears. I also tried cortizone and neosporin but just give in after like 5/6 hours. If you come across anything that works, let me know.
November 22, 2012
Ear problem is really so big problem for me. I am losing my hearing capacity day by day. And I can't do any thing for this problem. I hope your post will be helpful for me and other visitors to take care of ear. Thanks for the beneficial post.

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