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Orange , 01 Aug 2012

Connection between derma and trich?

Also I shortend dermatillomaina to derma because I didn't want to spell it all out. :) okay so I don't pull out my hair or anything... But I do have 2 questions. 1. I've seen some talk on here about ingrown eyebrows? What are they? How do you get them? 2. I search/examine my hair for split ends. When I do find one, I pull them apart so then I have two pieces of hair instead of one. Does dermatillomaina and trich have anything related/in common to each other? ALSO! tips for getting rid of scars! There is scar cream that you just put a little teensy bit of the cream on the scar. Makes it less noticeable. It's not expensive. We bought it at Target :) -thanks

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