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Almost222 , 02 Aug 2012

20 years of picking almost gone

After 20 years of picking my legs, scars, doctors telling me there is no cure. I found skin pick and other sites with people like me and discovered that it may have been caused by my brothers death at 5, my fathers death at 16, my mothers death at 16, godmothers death a 17, and a few other things around that time, you get the picture. Well I figured out that if I had a session of itching that called me to scratch, all I had to do is stop the itch. Hence, I started to look for things that made the itch stop right away. I am sure that some of this was not good for me but some of them worked. I tried OFF insect spray, killed the itch right away but seemed to irritate the skin after a while. I tried tee tree oil, barely no affect. I tried Gold bond medicated triple action lotion nothing. I tried viniger, stopped the itch, smelled bad in meetings. well I ended up using athlete,s foot spray, it keeps it dry and itch free. I also had to give up my problems to a higher power and ask for help The healing Physically and Mentally has become apparant and my sessions of scratching are getting further inbetween. But the sickness seems to know when I do not have this product with me and acts up. I simply pull up to a store and buy a can. I am not cured and don't think I ever will be 100% cured, but I belive with a little time and personal retraining I can get rid of the sores.
3 Answers
September 06, 2012
Oh, that's so wonderful! I wish you the best, and I think you are so brave for finding these solutions on your own!
September 07, 2012
So happy for you that you found a good method! hey, if the Lord is willing you will be cured i used to bite and pick my lips in addition to footpicking now i dont pick my lips anymore! and thats huge:) keep your head up! this really inspired me, i hope you get better

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