I pick my toenails

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August 06, 2012

I'm extremely obsessed with picking and pulling both my finger and toe nails... I find myself almost subconsciously doing it just about every day... On a typical day i will trim my nails to the point i can't see the white part (i consider over growth...) Bad cuticles are a bitter sweet feeling, as i hate having them - i actually do enjoy pulling at them and ripping them out... pain/bleeding ain't even a setback any more... countless occasions I've pulled of the entire nail which stemmed from just a small bad cuticle...Ive read countless forums and ehow and and wiki about why it is i do it so much... I wouldn't say i do it out of self consciousness or nervousness or stress... im leaning more towards OCD... think I'm more about "trying"to make it look nice - it's pretty much a daily habit now, like brushing your teeth... I know it's not typical for people to do this, and although i live a very healthy life (i don't do any drugs/not an alcoholic) i seriously doubt any chances i can kick this habit...I've been doing it all my life and for as long as my finger nails continue to grow i will always pick at them till they bleed...

August 11, 2012

I have been picking my toenails chronically since I was 13, so much so I had to have both of my big toenails removed surgically. Stumps grew back but I have picked and ripped these out too. I'm now digging in and ripping out any growth especially at the cuticle. I pick all the skin around it too. I'm moving on to my other toe nails and finger nails! Since reading other posts here and I have noticed other things I do, I pull hair out too! Just not sure what to do as I've been doing ur for so long (and not even noticing it) that I don't think I can stop!

November 11, 2012

I have been picking off my fourth right toe for years. I will not bother any other toenail but this particular one. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I have been researching and discover toenail picking is known as "CSD" (Compulsive Skin Disorder). This disorder is contribute by stress, OCD, aniety, or depression.

March 04, 2014

I have been picking my nails all my life, and I am now 56 years old. It definitely started as a way to cope with the stress of my childhood living with domestic violence, my parents. It has become such a coping habit, that I just can't seem to stop. it's a form of "cutting". It hurts, but it distracts me from other issues. I did do hypnotherapy when I was 40, and that did help me limit how much I destroy my fingernails, but I absolutely mutilate my toenails. Sandals? Ha! No, I never get to wear them. yes, it is unsightly, but at least no one ever died from it, like smoking. Oh, well, unless you count "died from the shame of it".