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chicadeedee , 07 Aug 2012

3 weeks of NO PICKING :)

Its been nearly 3 weeks and I have not picked my poor fingers!! After 14 years of picking my fingers which look raw and pink I have managed to stop!!!! Ok , so tge skin is growing back a little thick and I get the odd POINTED BIT of skin and have picked it off once or twice as it was catching on my tights. But apart from that - NO DESIRE TO PICK!! I have found a new way to deal with my anxiety and stress - taking a deep breath clap my hands twice and click my fingers and carry on. My hands feel smoother and I am soooo proud to over come such a debilitating bad habbit :)
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August 08, 2012

In reply to by RuralGirl

Hiya RuralGirl , The first 2=3 days wer a chore!! But then after seeing the redness go away I realised how beautiful my hands wer and that I CAN AND WILL stop PICKING :) I feel no urge ATAL. Try WEANING - pick less each day and you will form a new habbit :) Good luck!!

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