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amelia , 08 Aug 2012

I've just been diagnosed.

Hi, As it says in the title I have just been diagnosed with this condition after having it for about 4 years. Today marks week three in therapy and I was wondering if anyone here had any advice they could give, or any tips and tricks that they could share to make the process easier. I would also love to hear other people's stories so I can understand a little more about the condition. It's not something I can openly talk about with people I know, so it would be really nice to start a dialogue with other sufferers who understand and won't be judgemental. Thank you. A xxx
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August 08, 2012
Hi, I'm Christie =) I've had it too for probably about 10 years, I'm 23 now. So far I have had a really hard time, but it helps me to put on a pair of those yellow plastic gloves before I go into the bathroom so I don't pick. I have also taken the lightbulbs out of the bathroom and had my husband hide them from me. I generally only pick in the bathroom. For a while I tried replacing picking with flossing, but that didn't last long. I also downloaded an app on my iPhone called "zitstorm" thats pretty realistic and kinda reduces the urge. I think what will help the most is talking to other people with the same problem =) It's hard to talk to friends and family because even if they are supportive, they'll never quite understand what youre going through. For the longest time, my husband's solution was "just stop," and I was so frustrated that he didn't get it! So I completely understand how you feel. I'm glad that youre in therapy and on the forum =) I think it will make a huge difference!!! I'm looking forward to watching your progress =)

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