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Islet , 10 Aug 2012

Opened my eyes

Just recently came to terms with the fact that I have a problem. I am 16 years old and I have been picking my feet for years, and always just looked at it like a unattractive habit. but being that it was in an unobvious place, no one ever knew about it. I thinks that's why I started with my feet, I wanted to hide my compulsion. The bleeding heels, the scabs, and the scars. But it seemed so insignificant compared to what I had done before, the other things I had struggled with. For over six years I have dealt with an anxiety disorder and depression. It gradually became an eating disorder rooted in body dysmorphia. I started the picking about two years ago. It started as just barely tearing the surface, and became peeling off layers and layer or skin on my foot. Ripping at the raw flesh until it bled. I am finally realizing that I need to find a new way, a healthier way to deal with my anxiety. I need a safer way to deal with my anxiety. I have been seeing a therapist-- but I haven't brought this up. Can anyone provide me with some ways they made it through each day dealing with this?
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August 24, 2012
Hi there! I know how you feel struggling with the urge to pick at your feet since i have the exact same issue. Ive had a lot of issues my last few years, my sister was severely depressed and also suffers from bulimia, and then my dad suffered a heart attack, it was a very stressful time for me, but i found that talking to really close friends help:) I have a lot of issues with my picking, and i struggle every day to pick and peel because i do it until they bleed and i cant walk, and it really got to me one day and i told one of my closest friends and it turns out she picks too! My friend also has severe anxiety and depression but she always says that talking, and hanging out with the people you care most about really helps her, and it also really helps me with my picking too. Honestly the worst part is telling someone and not knowing how they react, but from what ive experienced, if youre that close with them they will try and help you. The main thing for you to focus on is keeping yourself happy and healthy, because if youre not the picking will get worse and i know that from experience! Im trying not to keep all my emotions in until i explode because i take it out on myself with the picking, so finding someone who you can confide in is really important emotionally. I posted a while ago, and someone gave me the advice on putting those big bandaids on my heels (which is where i pick!) and it really works, and i hadnt picking for days...until i ran out:P so stock up and keep them on your feet during the day, and find something you enjoy that makes you happy! Good luck and you can do it!

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