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zozo8181 , 15 Aug 2012

Need help

Hey guys, I guess I just feel depressed today. I am trying to figure out what triggers me to pick at my skin. Sometimes it's stress, sometimes it might just be boredom or a desire for perfection... I don't know. Today I was on a high cloud, like my skin was almost done healing from last time and I swore I would never pick again. I felt like it was over... but I have felt like this many times before and shortly after I'm at it again. Well tonight, like 10 minutes after I was still feeling happy that I wouldn't do it again, I started again. I didn't do too much damage this time but I definitely am just so sick of this cycle and want it to stop. I don't know what to do. I need help, advice, anything. I just made a chart that has every day of the month on it, and I am going to check off if I picked anywhere between 0 to 9+ marks each day. Hopefully looking at that chart will help but I don't know how to keep my hands off my face. AHH!!
2 Answers
August 15, 2012
I just did the same thing recently, so far I have had to cross everyday but I don't do it for as long...I wrote up a list of 100 things to do instead, and by randomly choosing one everytime I get the urge it actually helps a lot. I wish you the best in overcoming this, it's a process but I actually feel like I can overcome it someday soon, after 7 years. Reward yourself for any number of days you can keep clean!!
goal orientated
August 15, 2012
I like the idea of a chart x goodluck. If you've succeeded in the past you can succeed in the future.

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