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meunderneath , 15 Aug 2012

Need to break this habit

Ive been doing this ever since I was ten I'm 19 now and it hasn't stopped despite the fact that it is the thing I hate the most....this is the first time I've ever heard of it being a real thing and its kind of a huge relief to know that I'm really not the only person in the world that deals with this ! It's so embarrassing so its hard to talk to other people about it, so this site is perfect! I'm really sick of having to cover every inch of my skin with either clothing or make up and not wanting to be alone or go into the bathroom because I know I'll start doing it!! I've also cut with a blade but tearing with my fingernails was just something I did and idk...anyway I'm even embarrassed to rant on here but if anyone knows what it is like to struggle with this or has ways of overcoming it please share !!! I really am dedicated to stopping this destructive habit.
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August 15, 2012
You are not alone :) I am 22 years old and have struggled with picking my skin (aaaaaarghh!) Since I was about 14 or so. Although actually just today my mom told me that when I was really little, like around 2, I got a cut on my face and kept picking and picking at it until it got bigger and bigger, and my mom had to put multiple bandaids on it to keep me from messing with it. So this has kind of made me think-- is this an inherent thing that we are born with? Or is it simply just a compulsion that some of us are unlucky enough to have discovered as a way to relieve stress? Nature vs nurture kind of thing, like if we had a twin would they have this as well? I wish there were more studies on this, but that is why I'm very thankful to have found this website. I myself am EXTREMELY secretive about this habit of mine, and only my parents and my brother know about it. I don't even tell my best friends, although I'm sure they have deduced as much since my skin always looks so horrible :/ i am determined, and like you said, dedicated as well to stopping this habit, its nearly ruining my life. It's summertime and I can't even go out to the beach in a bikini because of various scars and scabs and red marks all over my face, chest, back, and arms :/ I just want them to heal and go away but its an ongoing circle where I start to pick right when I start to feel stressed again. I'm thinking that this website is a very good place for us to vent about our problems instead of hurting ourselves even more! So, I will help you out for sure if you help me as well! :)
goal orientated
August 17, 2012

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I have a twin and no she doesn't do it at all. We are identical with this difference in appearance and my profession as a Psychology lecturer. I have been struggling with dermatilomania for a decade. It's a habit. I have found a few ways to sometimes break the cycle like lowering my use of mirrors, washing my face without the bathoom light on, keeping the door open, setting time limits in the bathroom as though I am late for work and have other commitments/priorities, booking facials or hair removal sessions to make me feel the value of my face, wearing make up indoors as we rarely scratch on top of a beautifully made up face, and lastly wearing thinner make up to produce more awareness over how dark I have made my marks. Hope that helps, thebeautiful. Xxx ps. If you feel alone, watch a youtube video on how to conceal severe acne, and you will suddenly see that others look similar.

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