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magenta , 15 Aug 2012

Hoping for help to heal fast

I'm 34 and have been picking at something on my body in one way or another for at least 23 years. Most of that time since the age of 19 has been pimple picking, but over the past year it's gotten to the point that I'm hardly picking at pimples, more like I'm creating them and then picking what seem like crater-like wounds on my face and chest - to the point that I've had some people suggest that I might be on meth (I almost wish I were, what a great excuse for this!) I've read a few of the posts on here, and I can tell I'm not alone. As much as I want to stop, I really want help with my immediate problem, which is that I have a horrible scab/pimple now on the corner of my mouth which I know will be hard to heal since I can't possibly keep that skin immobile so that it can heal (if that makes sense). Really I just want it to be healed enough within 2 1/2 days when I will be meeting with an old friend. I just don't want people I knew in the past to see how badly I look these days. Make up can mostly cover the other scars and wounds on my face, but this one on my mouth is so terrible because it still has some pimple underneath (that I can't get to, and I shouldn't try even though I do) and also some very light skin on top. In the past I always pick at the lighter skin in the middle of the wound thinking it is puss and then later realize that I was once again wrong, and that the light skin is just skin and I make the wound a thousand times worse in the long-term. I don't want to do that this time, but I also don't think I can stop picking unless I know I can get this thing healed up in 2 1/2 days time. I've been online looking at other people's solutions and it seems that, at least for what I have access to, neosporin is the way to go. But in the past, neosporin has only made that lighter skin stand out more, and that just makes me need to rip it off as soon as possible. It also seems to make the acne puss come up to the surface, and I can't stand not getting at it. Please, if anybody has any suggestions on what else to do, I will try it. I do notice that using different products on my skin tends to make me break out worse, especially weird remedies like toothpaste on a pimple (does not help me for sure!) Another solution, or reassurance that the neosporin will work even if it seems not to be would be a real help. Please!
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August 17, 2012
Hey Magenta, Oh yes I have the meth face going on too!!! And to top off my situation I am very small and somewhat underweight, so it really does look on my worst days like I do have a serious drug problem. I am curious to know are you going to get to meet with your friend. I really hope so. I have one on my mouth and it has healed in 12 hours. This is all I have been doing. I clean my face in the shower with dove soap only, get out PAT DRY my face (dont rub it to death) apply FOBAN (antibiotic cream from doc) without looking in the me I know where they all are. Then moisturise. I have found that putting plasters on and keeping them moist takes longer to heal. This on has just dried up. I have not touched my face for 27 hous and have had 2 showers. Everytime I want to pick I ask myself what am I prepared to loose!! Im 39 years old and a smoker, id be lucky to have 20 years left in I wanna spend it picking? Oh NO. Hang in there. Nite time watching TV seems to be the worst so I have bought myself 100 latex gloves to fit perfect. so I can do general things, make a cup of tea. etc etc But have you ever tried picking with gloves on. It just doesnt work. I did want to know though if you made it to meet your friend?
August 17, 2012

In reply to by wantalife39

No, the meeting is tonight. I think when I know I'm going to go out with people I make it way worse. Last night I went ahead and started picking again, thinking I could get the dead skin off. Well, it worked, only now it looks more red and I know make up won't work. Then I picked a bunch of other places including one crater that had almost healed and looked like it had a tiny bit of white in it. So now I will have to wear my hair down instead of up because it is on my jaw, when yesterday I was able to put my hair in a pony tail and wear make up to cover that one. I know I should stop, but picking is all I can think about. I can't even concentrate for very long on other things. I cut my nails last night and now I am regretting it because the nails made it easier to get at the little white dots inside the wounds. I hate this.
August 18, 2012

In reply to by magenta

Go have a good time. Trust me they wont care. They want to see you because of who you are. A litttle set back with the skin but we are working on getting it better and controlled. Just go and have fun. You will regret it later if you don't go. Leg me know how it goes...remember hold your head and just be yourself.

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