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zozo8181 , 15 Aug 2012

how to stop myself from making skin picking a ritual?

I have been reading more about skin picking and how when we pick it's like a ritualized behavior. I can definitely relate to that and I think that part of my problem is that the healing process has also become ritualized to me. Years ago it was just ritualized picking but lately I ritualize the healing process too, and right when my skin looks good again, I pick again. I don't like the results after I pick but I know I feel in control when I pick because it's me doing it, and even when it looks bad, I am in control of making it heal too. I need advice on how to stop ritualizing this and what to do instead... I am going to try making the list of 100 things to do instead and make sure to reward myself for when I do well and don't pick. I also want to hear your insight on why you think this all started in the first place for you guys... do you think it's shame, guilt, feeling out of control, or what... thanks!! :)
1 Answer
August 15, 2012
I think guilt and stress is what started this for me. I have not told any of you this yet, but I am involved with a guy (he is not married) but he has a girlfriend. I think the guilt of this is what does it for me. We go to lunch everyday, text all day long and then I feel so bad when I get home about it, the picking starts. Kind of like I deserve to do this to myself for what I am doing.

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