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Marzy , 16 Aug 2012

Hi think i need some help

Hi my name's Marzy,i dont even know if i am in the right place but for the past 9 years i have been compulsively picking. In the last two years it has got much worse and i find myself waiting for my partner to go out so i can run to the bathroom to find something,anything ,to pick at. From my face to my feet nails and skin i cant help it. My lips are the worst. This morning when i woke up i had dark bloody scabs where i had ripped so much skin off. even blood on my chin. I chew them almost constantly. I thought i was mad till i read the info on this website! I really dont know where to go from here. . . X x x
3 Answers
August 16, 2012
Hi Marzy, My name is Michelle and I only joined here yesterday at about 5pm. I do that too!! I often hide in the bathroom and when my man goes out I go on a real bender. Two days ago I spent 7 hours on and off picking at my face and chest. You are certainly not alone, which I also found out. What do we do now? Well we are on the right road I think. I couldnt wait to get on here this morning to see what everyone is doing. I would normally sit in front of the TV and pick my little heart out. Then when my man gets up I hold my coffee cup up to my face so he cant see.!! Right at this moment I have 10 spots on my face. Four a just spots, four a healing pretty good and 2 are looking puss but I havent touched them. I have recently been using a white cream called FOBAN from my doc and its heals them well. And quite fast. I do thank the lord for makeup!! I do find that if I have my shower, immediately I will put on my Foban then moisturisier, all the while the mirror is fogged so I cannot see to pick. (I know where the zits are)!! then continue with clothes then makeup. Once the makeup is on I dont tend to pick at all until later in the afternoon, thats when the "feeling around" starts. I realise I tend to pick more when I know I do not have people coming around. No one to see me!!! I find, my fellow picker, that this website is helping me already. Just the fact that we are not alone is awesome. One moment at a time for me. I do have a holiday coming up in 17 days at my brothers and he is a hairdresser who works from home so I want to look human to his customers. The last time i visited him I did not pick at ALL for 11 days.....maybe because I know there are people around. Its all in my head I suppose. Im with you though mate. Keep posting. Big hugs to you. XXXX
August 16, 2012

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Hi marzy hi michelle! I pick more when I know no-ones coming round too... Then they turn up and its either a quick bath, wash the dried blood off or change my clothes! If only I'd put as much effort into bloody hoovering! Sometimes if I have something to look forward to like an event or date I can manage to become obsessed with moisturising, painting and repainting my nails, what's left of them, or epilating my yeti legs... Other times the pressure of knowing I want to look unscabby is too great and I make it all worse anyway! Just knowing i'm not alone is fabulous... Even if I have scabby spots and no fingernails ;-) xxxx
August 17, 2012
I do that too! I even stay up really really late (until 4-5 am sometimes!) so I can pick without being nagged. Last night, I took some melatonin and went to bed early just so I wouldn't pick all night. Then I get up today, look in the mirror, my face looks great, and then I see a spot and start digging. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

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