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wantalife39 , 17 Aug 2012

What do you say to that?

So last night, after finding this website and feeling so DAMN excited about the fact that I just might be able to fix this, I decided it was time to talk to my partner about it. I mean I have been picking my face and chest for at least 13 years....the whole time I have been with him so when he didnt get excited or show much emotion at all through out the 2 minute conversation I felt a little disheartened. Then he looked at me and said "how would you feel if our Blue Heeler dog (my baby) chewed at his paws all day everyday "? My reply..."oh I couldnt handle that", to which he replied "How the hell do you think I feel watching you hack at your body day after day after day ??? its the same thing. Oh my goodness,......What do you say to that? I felt sick to my stomach. havent picked for 23.5 hours. x x
3 Answers
August 17, 2012
Sounds like him saying that got you headed in the right direction. Maybe he should have said something sooner!! But now you got his support in stopping and that is fantastic
August 17, 2012

In reply to by soembarrassed

Hello again soembarrassed. Oh the poor man has done nothing but tell me to stop picking....for 13 years. But I have recently gone on a stop smoking pill called Zyban here in New Zealand and have been on it for 3 weeks and have since found out that it is an antidepressent. Without even trying or wanting to try I just have automatically started confronting these issues in my life. This pill is an upper so I seem to be a happy semi-non smoker at the moment and the picking just seems to be more contained in my head to deal with. I dont feel so......whats the word.....crazy maybe?? Seems to have taken the edge off everything. Even my lovely partner doesnt piss me off half as much(my mate said that the pill is working good then) haha bless her heart. She starts on it today!! And about the semi smoking.....a girl cant give up everything at once surely!!!! Thanks again

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