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keke , 17 Aug 2012

Best Make Up

Does anyone have make up tips or tricks? What brands give you the best coverage??
2 Answers
August 17, 2012
Hi there, this may seem strange but works for me, I'm in the UK btw so not sure if you will get correct colour match or even same products, I apply a fine layer of max factor lasting performance foundation in almond (shade darker than my skin), then a fine layer of Bobbi brown skin spf15 foundation which is paler. The combo of both minimises the appearance of most of my blemishes without looking like I'm plastered in makeup, but any which still stand out, I then dab the tiniest bit of Benefit lemon aid onto the spot. This is basically a yellow eye colour correcting primer. I must stress to only use a tiny bit because it is industrial strength and if you put on too much it will stick to dry flakes of skin which are still healing and highlight the very thing you're trying to hide. I have to blend really well as max factor gives the right coverage and BB is my holy grail of perfect colour match. Hope you find something which works for you. Oh and I don't moisturise first, I sleep with moisturiser or face oil on, wash off in shower in morning so skin is still soft but has no residue to interfere with makeup application. X
goal orientated
August 18, 2012
Hi. No 7 matte foundation with their brush provides so much coverage. London store called Boots. It cotains salicylic acid which is required to combat acne, and SPF 15. They have a website. Any foundation you choose must not be glowing. It should be a matte liquid because they flow in to fresh wounds and don't shine light over flaws like illuminizing foundations. Stay away from all this silly mineral powder foundation hype unless you use it for extra coverage as a finishing powder. Mineral powder provides very low coverage no matter what technique or brand you choose. You must moisturize underneath matte foundations using something like 99% aloe vera gel, to avoid scabs looking dry. X

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