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fedup1986 , 20 Aug 2012

New member... finally found the will to put an end to this

Hi - I have to say I am so glad to have found this site... I had no idea that other people were suffering from the same issue and that it actually had a name! I've been picking for over 10 years now. In that time I've all but ruined my legs and I recently started on my face too. It has to stop. I broke up with my boyfriend about 2 weeks ago and it sent me into a trance for over 4 hours... by the time I managed to stop it was just horrendous. I haven't picked today but the urge is really strong, if somebody could give me some advice on holding out... I know I just need to make it through one day at a time - it's just so hard!
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August 21, 2012
Hey sweetheart....firstly hi im michelle from NZ also new to this site..about a week now. Now please stop picking the face...if your a beginner to it then stop stop stop. Some ideas that I am using are latex gloves...I pick hard out at nite in front of the I just put these gloves on (Like at the doctors..not washing up ones) as soon as I sit for the night. It works for sure...try and pick anything with these on and you just cant...Ive me!!! Take down all mirrors..I had 12!!! Yes 12...dont ask, shocked myself!! Now I have 2 only because they are attached to the wall. I have become more aware of what my triggers I can now start to feel the urge coming on. The desire to pick (face and chest for me) last for about 5 seconds so I stop whatever I am doing and breath. Its working for me so far. Back to the latex gloves, in the first 2 nights i counted that I tried to touch my face at least 80 times!!. Also stay on this site and keep posting. It keeps me in check.. When I have the desire to pick I will also think of all the people on this site and I have put my own faces to the names so I give myself a giggle!!..Well one day at a time for sure....stay away from the face..youve got yourself another boyfriend to find. And I can guarrantee you that red welt marks on the face is not in fashion!! :) Big hugs.
August 21, 2012

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Hi michelle. I'm heather from the UK. Thanks for your suggestion - I'm definitely going to try the gloves for home. I've started wearing an elastic band on my wrist to work/ in public which snap against my wrist every time I touch my face (it's definitely a deterrent, although the worst is when you find yourself doing it unconsciously, so frustrating.) I've found with my legs that being alone/ drifting off into thought is a massive trigger (probably one of the reasons I always end up zoning out in the bathroom, lol). I've been forcing myself not to look, to just concentrate on my breathing and to stay out of the bathroom as much as possible. 12 mirrors! (Although god knows how many I actually have!) And you're right. Red welt marks are definitely not in fashion! God knows how much I want to 'check' my face right now... i feel like it's full of dirt. Still. will power. Day 2. :) x

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