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elisabethelisabeth , 21 Aug 2012

Picking with safety pin on feet?

Did any of you ever learn in elementary school that you can slide a safety pin or needle under a thin layer of your skin and then pull it up without it hurting? It is true, and that's what I do to the heels of my feet.... Here's what I do...I generally slide in the safety pin, close it, and then pull up until the skin breaks. This usually leaves two flaps, one bigger and one smaller. I then take some tweezers and pull at the bigger flaps until I have a chunk of skin, which I then eat. It sounds gross but it is so, so good... I used to use straightpins and normal safety pins, but I'd bend or break them and it was losing me all my sewing pins so I switched to the fat safety pins, but since they're really fat they go in deeper than the usual thin ones and cause a lot more deep damage and bleeding. Recently I have started to use something usually used for, I think, mani/pedis? It is shaped like a V and quite sharp. I also bite the middle (outside) joints of my fingers, my nails, the skin around my nails, and the inside middle joints of my thumbs. It's so sick, I know, but I love the taste of my own's strangely comforting and relaxes me.... My mother knows about this, as does my doctor (I am between thirteen and twenty), and they are both a little weirded mother gets angry if she finds out I'm doing it and my doctor just told me to wear socks to bed. Has anyone else used safety pins before or knows what I am talking about? Does anyone else feel like the taste of their skin is delicious? Or am I a sick freak?
2 Answers
August 21, 2012
there is somthing nice about chewing your own skin. i think we all do and chew. ive put pins thru me skin and pull... ooooooh lush. but my weird prob is pick pick pick... its tooooo tempting...!! hello by the way xxx

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