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sharon , 21 Aug 2012

2 weeks, my arms and legs, look awfull

why? its odd, painfull but thereputic too, when i first started it was seeing a black head on my arm, before i knew it, id picked my both arms red, and bleeding. and i really enjoyed it, its a form of self harm, but dont wanna call it that, because i dont want to hurt myself, anyway, everyday for 2weeks iv picked my arms,legs,shoulders,back as far as i could reach, feet,hands and my face has it well to. even tho im red bleeding, and looking as if i have missels, swollen bumps, i still search for another something to pick, if it looks like a spot, im at it!! and thouroughly enjoy digging aay at it, pain is pleasurable. im glad im not alone doing this..xx
1 Answer
August 22, 2012
I could have written this! Except try two months instead of weeks. I'm so sick of it though I look terrible and have been asked if I was a tweaker or if I had measles. So looking forward to clear skin again!!!!!

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