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emerald , 08 Jan 2009

my twin sister and I both pick

my twin sister and I both pick at our skin, though she is not quite as bad as me and she doesn't pick her lips like I do. She has even told me that what I do is disgusting. I don't think she realizes that she also has CSP. Like a lot of u my mother was not a very maternal or loving person, and as a matter of fact my sister and I no longer speak to her. My dad is an alcoholic and had been ever since I can remember. I'm releaved that I'm not alone, but still feel a little trapped in this behavior. I am almost 29 and I've been doing this since I was 12. I need to stop. I'm embarassed to be in public, which is difficult since I'm going to college and have to be around people all day long. I'd love some encouraging words right now.

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