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zozo8181 , 22 Aug 2012

my goals and progress

hey guys, i was on the right track for a few days and if i had not had a relapse and picked again i would have been completely healed by my first day back at school... now i have 5 major spots and 6 smaller ones, and i have to wear my hair parted down the middle and keep it covering both sides of my face and wear a lot of concealer and makeup, especially on my chin. i feel bummed out about it but im wearing cute clothes and being extra friendly.. people are still treating me nicely and not looking at me weird so that is nice. i clipped my fingernails this morning and have not picked at all so far today. i have a 2 week goal... i think that will be enough to get my skin healed and then i will reward myself after that. then i will have a 3 week goal, and so forth. im very hopeful and im trying to pray and meditate some more since this is a problem i cannot conquer myself.. i have been picking for the past 10 years!!! anyways even though my face isnt top notch right now, im still hopeful and happy with my new goals. i hope all of you are doing well too... this forum is so nice because i can relate to everyone here and im not ashamed to just come out and say it... im grateful for you all :)
1 Answer
goal orientated
August 24, 2012
I like your idea around increasing your goal gradually. I want to aim for that one day but for now, I am struggling with two days. Xxx

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