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zozo8181 , 23 Aug 2012

is it true that fasting makes your skin heal faster? and help with my thoughts?

i am trying to stay focused and remember that i cannot allow myself any skin picking, no exceptions. because i always fail to make it come out okay, and i can use other products to get rid of them or just distract myself. but is it true that drinking only water for 24 hours makes your body focus on healing itself? i hope my mind does not use this as a loophole to convince myself that picking wont be as bad because my body will heal faster... i just need to focus on staying away from picking... but is it true because im still suffering from the last time i picked... does anyone else relate to this insane thinking i have when it comes to rationalizing why i should pick again?? help!
3 Answers
August 23, 2012
for me, if i fast the day after a picking session it helps me heal faster ! not like, i miraculously heal overnight, but i feel like it gives me a good head start. everyone is different and though, fasting can be a serious pain if you dont have a relatively healthy diet to begin with. my diet consists of pretty much raw, whole, vegan foods so my body is very tolerant. also, if you work out.. dont on a day you are fasting. your muscles get so weak you might just collapse ! its dangerous.
goal orientated
August 24, 2012
If your definition of fasting is starving then no, that is entirely incorrect. I am a Psychology lecturer and teach a bit of skin healing as part of a college course. Stress and low food intake both slow down repairing. That is because the body goes in to starvation mode without food which stops it wasting the reserves on your hair, skin and nails. Instead, energy is geared to more basic needs like allowing your organs to fuction adequately. Please note i am a skin picker and have fasted for other reasons, so I speak from experience not just expertise. Hope you find an alternative. Goodluck xxx
August 29, 2012
The quick answer is No, it makes your skin heal more slowly, in fact! In a nutshell, No Food => No Vitamins => Slower Healing -------------------------------------------- Food => Has Vitamins => Faster Healing ---------------------------------------------- Food + Vitamin Supplements => Significantly Faster Healing ------------------------ To elaborate on that, studies have shown that taking certain vitamin supplements significantly accelerate wound healing - for instance, one study showed that by taking oral zinc supplements, post-surgery healing time was shortened by 43%. Interestingly, it's not just one or two vitamins - there are quite a few that seem to be helpful to varying degrees. If you want more info, do a google search with the terms "vitamin wound healing time." There is a well-researched study survey on a dentalimplantsusa site (seriously) that summarizes most of the clinical study results re: wound healing effects of various vitamins (should turn up in first page of search results). So, back to the topic of your water-only plan... there is one potential benefit, but it's pretty minor. You would eliminate any toxins that you may have been inadvertently ingesting, although those should be fairly minimal. Nevertheless, if you decide to do the water fast, at least take a multivitamin! Stay strong and good luck! Traci

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