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deig123 , 23 Aug 2012

NO BROWS LEFT!!!! So Disgusted with myself.

Hello, Is anyone suffering from picking your eyebrows until they bleed & scab? I bought $45 tweezers, Rubis, b/c they are extremely sharp & I can Pick brow hairs that haven't even broke through the skin yet. Its compulsive, & I can't stop. This has been going on for over 4yrs, and I'm totally out of control. I've tried throwing them out the window, only to go looking for them hours later. And the fact that I can spend hours picking, disgusts me. My eye skin under both brows is full of scar tissue. I spend tons of money on concealer, & foundation. I should have stock in Sephora. I use Benefit, Bobbi Brown, Mally Beauty, & MakeUp Forever. Those are, I found the best for coverage & concealing. BUT, having said that, I wish I never had to use the products to begin with. Has anyone found anything that helps with stopping this addictive behavior? Ive tried therapy. Last night I caused lots of bleeding under my left brow. And I just kept going. And I'm so tired of feeling so alone. My family asks me to just stop. If only it was that easy. They have no clue. And I'm clueless as well. I started out just trying to get a better arch 4 yrs back, & now I feel helpless to stop. My Dr. put me on anti-depressants, & that didn't work. And I don't know why I feel such a compulsion to disfigure myself every day.
4 Answers
August 23, 2012
I can totally relate... I'm a face picker but I understand the self-loathing that comes after it. I've made a chart that has each day of the month, and next to it little boxes so I can check off if I picked zero times, once, twice, and so forth. It helps make it so that before I start picking I have to think of the chart so it's a more conscious behavior, and then if I make it 2 weeks without any picking I've decided to reward myself. I've decided to just go every 2 weeks and think 2 weeks at a time all the time. Hope this helps, I know it sucks, maybe you can get an eyebrow pencil or something to help hide it until they are healed.
August 23, 2012
Hi there! I too used to use tweezers (both regular ones and the ones with the sharp, pointed tip) to pick at imperfections on my skin. In fact, I used to have 3 pairs of tweezers at my disposal. It wasn't until I got to the "enough is enough" point with my CSP that I confided in my husband about the damage I was causing to my face with the tweezers and he took them from me and disposed of them. Now I don't own a single pair of tweezers and I can't even begin to tell you what a relief it's been. I still pick at my skin, but not near as often as I used to and the damage caused now is minimal compared to the bloody disfugring I would cause to my face with the tweezers. The best advice I could give is to have someone you know and trust get rid of the tweezers for you and refrain from wasting your money on another pair that you know won't be worth it in the end. Now I get my eyebrows waxed every 2-3 weeks and they look better than they ever have. I hope this helps and good luck! XO - newperspective
August 27, 2012

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Thank you! I'm about to try that, though I am a lil worried b/c the last time I gave them to my sister. I went out & bought a new pair. I'm hoping since, financially, money is tight right now, I may NOT be able to buy them once there given away. I hope & pray I can do this!

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