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hotdamnmess , 23 Aug 2012

Back on the pill

So... after being off the pill for 2 years and noticing a huge reduction in my cellulite, I should be overjoyed, right?! Wrong. Yes my thighs and legs are smoother. But who is looking at my legs when my face is lumpy bumpy and covered in zits?? The pill controls my hormones (and thus clear skin) like nothing else so I am going to go back on it as of tonight. I had not picked in 6 days but last night after a row with my hubby, I stomped off to bed, brushed teeth and washed my face and started picking. When I got fed up of picking my face, I started picking at my breasts. I had these weird white lumps on my aereolas. My 11 month old baby boy isn't breastfeeding anymore so no harm in squeezing them is there??? I thought not but have quite a lot of pain today in the boob I squeezed most. Severely regretting my decision to burst those white lumps. :( After last nights squeezing and follow up this morning, my face isn't too bad with makeup but I still have obvious bumps you can see in daylight. Sigh. My parents are coming to visit in 2 weeks (haven't seen them since January as they live abroad) - it'll be their 40th wedding anniversay in September, exactly 1 month today, so I've arranged a small party with old friends and I want to look good for that. I'm hoping the effects of the pill will kick in by then. Here's hoping.

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