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thebeautifulugly , 24 Aug 2012

going to vegas, have scars :/

So I'm going on a weekend trip to vegas with a group of friends, including the guy I'm totally crushing on. Sound good right? Better than good? Wrong. its the end of summer, we will be attending a huge pool party where all the pretty girls will be frolicking about in their bikinis and clear skin. If there's one thing that can COMPLETELY derail me, its that. Although I haven't picked for 10 days (!!!!) I have scars and dark marks all over my face & chest, shoulders, and back. Very self consious about this. Debating whether I should cover them up with makeup (face is easy, in that aspect.. body not so much) or if I should wear a shirt over my bikini and risk standing out a bit. I know people will wonder about my bad skin(or will they?) I just hope I can be brave enough to do this, and be in public even kind of showing my skin :/ any advice?

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