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Rachel04 , 26 Aug 2012

What helps me

When i get home from anything, whether it be from shopping, whatever... i immediately put bandaids on my face. the purpose i use them for is to make it harder for me to pick off the blemishes or scabs on my face. It really helps me.The days i "brush it off" and dont use the bandaids are the days i feel the most shame because i end up picking off the scabs and starting again at day one. I buy the little circular bandaids. I also live with 3 other girls and ive found it helps to just come out at tell them what your problem is. That way you wont feel awkward wearing bandaids on your face. Youd be surprised how supportive people are. Anyways, hope this helps. Rachel
2 Answers
August 27, 2012
That's a cool idea, I had never thought about that. My big thing is acryllic nails filed low and smooth (as natural looking as I can get), I can't pick, and the tactile response is not as sensitive. I have fallen out of the habit, and I have really nice looking natural nails, right now, but my skin is paying the price. I'm gonna have to break down and get them again. I SAHM, so I feel bad spending money on it.
August 27, 2012
i used to be a huuuge nail biter, and for some reason, i have the nicest looking nails now...with no urge to bite them. Today was not a good day for me. i keep saying i wont pick tomorrow, and when i get home, i find some way to justify tearing things off my face. I worked six hours today, trying so hard not to pick and i didn't...but unfortunately the day is much longer than 6 hours. how are you doing today? i hope you had a good day with minimal picking.

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