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HelpMyBaby , 27 Aug 2012

New here and just looking for input from people who can relate

I feel like I am with no other real options, and it seems to make sense to ask others who have dealt with this. My daughter is 17. She suffers from severe anxiety, ADD, and a slew of other random diagnoses she has been given in the past year. She has always picked at blemishes and whatnot, but recently she was prescribed Zyprexa. She began picking her skin compulsively and biting huge holes in the inside of her cheeks when she began taking this medication. So, I called her doctor and advised them I was taking her off of the medication. As a side note, she is prescribed a blood pressure medication for anxiety which does not seem to do anything to alleviate her anxiety. Other than that, she only takes Lexapro. However tonight, I saw her chest and it is, quite literally, one giant scab. She apparently spent 4 hours picking in front of the mirror last night. So, my question is, have any of you taken any of these drugs and if so, did it cause or exaggerate your picking? Regardless of the cause, have you found anything that was effective in getting you to stop? It seems to be considerably worse when she is stressed out or experiencing anxiety. I am so concerned for my daughter. She is normally an exceptionally attractive young woman, and she is absolutely destroying her face, arms, and chest. Any input is greatly appreciated.
2 Answers
August 27, 2012
What is her diet like? Artificial dyes (red 40, etc) and sweeteners (aspartame, diet pop), as well as a lot of processed foods exacerbate neuro-conditions as well as contribute to breakouts. Does she have acryllic nails? If not, get her some, they not only look better in some cases, but they are blunt enough that picking and scratching are very hard to do to the extent of breaking the skin. They also can help protect cuticles, and keeping nice hands can be a focal point. Does your daughter have any interests she could channel her nervous energy into? I for example journal, and run, keeps my hands busy, to an extent. I'm not into pharmaceuticals, at all, so I cannot help you on that front. Hope my litttle bit helps
August 29, 2012
You mentioned your daughter has ADD. What medicine is she taking for it? Could it, perhaps, be one of the amphetamine-based ADHD medications, like Adderall or Vyvanse? If so, that may be your guilty culprit. There is actually a thread on this forum regarding the aforementioned. In fact, even if she wasn't prescribed it, I'd still be tempted to test her for it anyway, because I know teenagers trade pills all the time (and Walgreens sells home drug test kits). But back to your question, the best deterrents re: stopping - trimming nails (short enough that they can't pick anything), applying bandaids over any existing wounds that are hard to remove, and basically covering all susceptible areas with clothing as much of the time as possible, meaning wearing long sleeves and pants, with tall socks, etc. (fashion-permitting, of course). With all of that said, however, the only thing I found to stop - stopping the Adderall (Vyvanse doesn't seem as bad, I dunno). Anyway, good luck!

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