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Andrew , 08 Jan 2009

Any other Guys out there who pick?

Hi I'm a 41 yr old, male professional, in a long-term relationship. I have noticed that I am the only guy here. What’s with that? Come-on guys speak up! Nice to know there are others out there with this condition. It started on my knees when I was a kid. They said it was eczema. When I was in college it was my scalp, and easy to hide (thankfully I'm blessed with thick hair). With graduation, I graduated to picking my face. There were days I looked like an extra from a horror movie. Due to infections, I have had multiple hospital visits and have been homebound more than once. I’ve developed a whole catalog of lies to cover up the truth about the sores and scars. I can remember the first few times I ripped into my face, I rationalized to myself that this was a punishment for my vanity. I have since been diagnosed with OCD. Surprise – I guess there was a reason I separated my M&Ms by colors. I totally appreciate and can identify with what other members of this site have said, about the gratification and shame cycle cause by picking, as well as the lack of understanding by those around me. I have recently discovered that popping bubble wrap is a great way to keep your hands busy while watching TV, so they do not wander and start picking.
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