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frustrated-but… , 30 Aug 2012

6 days free..but those bumps are calling me...

I'm 28yrs old and I've been picking at pimples, blackheads, ingrown hairs wherever I can find them for as long as I can remember...probably started around age 13, but it's really not clear in my memory. I signed up on this site 6 days ago and I have not picked was easy at first. But now, four tiny little bright red dots popped up on my chest...and a nice sized one on my nose. And they seem to scream my name every time I look in the mirror. So I avoid the mirror...but you can't avoid it completly. And my old mindset tries to tell me that I need to release the the poor little things out. But I know that's not skin can heal itself. My husband rightfully thinks this is just another short phase where I abstain for a short period of time before falling back into the old habit. But I'm sick of it. I'm ready to beat this once and for all. So- how do I ignore those new bumps calling me? Anyone have some good strategies? -frustrated
2 Answers
August 30, 2012
I don't really know... some times it is the way I am talking to myself... when I start talking or thinking it is irrational and uncontrollable so I have to catch it quickly and talk my self through it with logic. Not give in to my pure emotions. I don't have it down by far. 12ish when I started. 31 now. Right now, I'm trying to get out of the cycle. I've appeared to not care for a while and now I'm starting to care again. So I'm making an effort. I think what is sorta influencing me to come back to working on my self again is that I'm starting up a job again and I don't want to wake up earlier to put on my make up. I don't really like getting up early so that helps deture me. :) Hum... maybe that should be a punishment for me. Each time I pick I will make my self get up early. That would really make me think. Think I'll try that starting tomorrow if I pick tonight then I will have to get up early. If not I get to sleep in. I'll try anything to see if it works. :) lol Something I find that works some what ok is washing my face a couple times a day, which takes me some disipline and I'm not that great at it. :) Dang, congradulations on the 6 days, that is wonderful. It takes about one month to change a habbit. I believe 6 months to engrain it. The nerons have to fade away and by creating a diffrent habbit it helps to reform the nerons. :) Keep it up, I think that is amazing that you have made 6 days. You can do it. :) Keep working really hard on your self and keep doing what you have been doing, it appears to be working. I'm sure you had spots on you before but for some reason you were not realizing it why because we realize any little thing on our body. Hum... why now notice and how did you not notice anything before. When ya realize that perhaps it might bring you to a good place again. :) Keep up the good work on your self. :)

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