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DawnSturgeon , 30 Aug 2012

Trying to stop again.

Hi everyone, I got in to the I don't really care if I pick or not stage. I've been home a lot and got comfortable here and it has been relaxing for sure. Any who, I want to jump on the band wagon again and what has inspired me to try again after many months of picking is I'm starting an nanny job. :) Usually I wear make up when I go out but I have to wake up early so I'm not an earlly riser so I'm getting disiplined again so I don't have to wake up early in the morning. I read some posts and I'm going to make a list of the things I can do and put it on the mirror. Also I am going to make my self wake up early if I don't do well today as a negative reinforcer and see how that goes. :) If I don't pick tonight them I don't have to wake up early. I post with how well that goes. lol :) Ooop... almost got my self just then. Bad hand... ok,.. I'll go write up something. Darn subconscious. I'm pretty happy though... just have to get this under controll. :) I think I'll start to count my days starting tomorrow and not doing anything tonight. :)
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August 30, 2012
im glad you enjoyed my posts and i hope you are successful in not picking ! it has been a struggle for me but i know i am making progress (: i hope you keep us updated ! this website has been so so helpful for me because you guys all understand ! i think to get over a compulsive problem like skin picking we need to have somewhere to talk out our feelings and anxieties to people who can relate . another important thing is to be as hopeful and optimistic as possible, remember that it can always get better and the only person setting you back is yourself ! so just appreciate yourself and remember to be on your own team . i wish you good luck (: keep us posted
August 30, 2012

In reply to by skreed29

Thank you, I really like what you said about being hopeful and optinistic. I gave up and I was not that way but I'm there now. I woke up again. :) Trying to stay there. :) I wrote a list and put it in my bathroom. I thought about picking a few times and stoped my self. I washed my face with exfoliation because I wanted to do something to something that was sticking out. I washed normally and I got lucky with out hurting myself the thing got got gone. After that I put my combination which hazel, apple cider, tea tree oil and lavender home made on my face to help it heal. So far so good. Sitting here I felt something on my neck and with out thinking I almost got it but I stoped my self. I also brushed my teeth too. Hum... I doing ok with the bathroom and reminding my self to back away from the mirror that I don't have to go close. Need something to protect me when I'm sitting down a ritual like when I'm in the bathroom, I'm prepared with a back up stratagy. HUM, maybe when I am sittin down I can always keep something in my hand so my subconcious doesn't get me. I am not in the stage where I am in controll of my subconscious, there are periods where I am fully conscious and don't worry about the subcounsious but I have been on auto pilot for many months coming out of it again. I can do this. It is going to take a lot of work and disipline and staying focused. :) I know, I'll go grab my care bear for when I am on the couch. ;)
August 30, 2012

In reply to by DawnSturgeon

i exfoliate to get annoying things hopefully gone too ! haha. and i like your combination home remedy toner healing thingy, i also like to use natural ingredients on my skin ! the care bear is a good idea (: something squishy and soft to touch instead of inspecting your skin . also if you are feeling extra picky and anxious you should paint your nails, put the polish on like 3 coats thick so its hefty and satisfying when you pick it off your nails instead of picking at yourself !

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