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January 11, 2009

I will check out your blog. Thanks for starting this discussion. I began to get really serious about my picking and itching to the point of bleeding about 3 months ago. I have a very supportive boyfriend and, finally, a doctor told me that much of this addiction was associated with OCD, and the imbalance in the brain. Everything made sense. I have my whole life blamed myself, it is my fault that I did this to myself I use to say. And with the short visit and discussion I had with this woman doctor I felt empowered that I could change it around and that I didn't have to obsessively pick and scratch my life away. Since I have been trying to implore new strategies and take things one day at a time. In my road to recovery here are things that have helped me: - being able to say to my boyfriend when I am having one of those obsessive moments, like picking or itching... and he asks why - the big root cause question, but having this has helped. - if i go a day without picking I get a reward (like a really good chocolate bar - the $5 ones!) or once when I had this huge cut on my shin from a hike (I'm sort of a clutz too!) I got a new matching sexy bra-underwear set! - Brain Lock - the 4 step OCD treatment - Relabel, Reattribute, Re-focus, Re-value... the re-focus step I am having some trouble with, but I will get there... - letting go of the times when I let my OCD and CSP take over and moving on just some thoughts on the road to recovery