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ontheroadtobeauty , 30 Aug 2012

Face pickers beware of the danger zone.

I pick my shoulders, chest, back, neck, scalp, arms, stomach, and face. I was reading more information on Dermatillomania; (CSP), and I came across an article about the danger zone for face pickers. The danger zone is shaped as a triangle. It goes from between your eye brows to the corners of your mouth, and of course your nose is smack dab in the center. The problem is that your face and brain share the same blood, and if you get an infection on your face, you're risking a possible brain infection. That snapped me back into reality and I have stayed away from my face. Not to say I havent had to slap my hands down a couple times. Face pickers please try your hardest to stop touching and picking your beautiful skin..

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