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beautifultears , 31 Aug 2012

hi..brand new here and need encouragement

Ok, I broke down and joined. I can't take it anymore, I'm distroying my body. This time last year I was in a bakini, tanned and loved langere, I was outgoing and confident.just three months ago I had a body I was proud is 95 and steamy...I'm wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt, I fear being seen without clothing, I hide inside my home when I would rather be out playing before the summer weather is gone. Instead of buying new lotions I'm focused on what product will reduce scars. Do u all relate?? Does anyone have an encouraging word or some ideas in how to begin to overcome thi?
3 Answers
August 31, 2012
Hi there, I also am new here. I would consider you a "newbie" to the world of picking, though, and good for you for seeking help so quickly! I'm guessing by your post you are young, and I'm guessing I may have started picking around your age. I was 16 or maybe 15 when I started picking. I'm 31 now, and finally seeking help for myself. Trust me, you are in a good place!! Seek out all the help you can now, before it becomes so deeply ingrained in your being as it is in me. Be warned--I find a lot of people on here who promote things like wearing fake nails to curb picking. I think these are superficial temporary fixes. I've tried lots over the years, with NO lasting success. You need to figure out why the picking started, what triggers you to pick, and how to quit. I'm likening this to quitting smoking, for me personally. Check out this website--I'm going to be using these steps myself to make a plan and quit: Good luck to you, and please quit now!!
August 31, 2012
You've taken the first and most difficult step in putting your story down and getting it out. We've all been where you are and there is hope. Its not something that will stop overnight or with a magic pill, but there are ways to be free of this compulsion. There are specialists who deal specifically with this disorder and I encourage you to look for one in your area. This website offers a list of specialists all across the country- I would start there and see if there is one in your vicinity. This isn't a disorder that can be overcome by using sheer will power- if it were, it wouldn't be a problem! I encourage you to seek help by a specialist or your general practitioner. I have had personal experiences with general practitioners who have no idea how to help. They suggest ridiculous tactics like covering up the places you pick, or being present in the moment, or even one suggesting my anti-depressent would help me stop (yes I have clinical depression and am taking anti-depressents). But it doesn't hurt to ask- they may have advice and helpful information for you! But if they don't, don't get discouraged... There ARE people who can and want to help you. Take care and don't give up!
September 02, 2012
It's great that you're reaching out for help with your problem. You are definitely not alone. Please view my first post, "wanting to help others, myself". I would love to help others that share this addiction. Feel free to contact me: Kevin,

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