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little-love , 01 Sep 2012

Nose squeezing

So, my birthday is in 1 week exactly. I have planned a big night out and want to look my best. It's my 20th and I want this to be the year I change my life and stop this skin picking. I have been getting gradually better over the past year or so, but a week ago I had a slip up and ended up with a lot of scabbing on my face.It's all healing ok and I know if I don't pick for a week my skin will look fine and I will be ok with going out. Just now I found myself squeezing my nose so all the pores emptied and it's all red and blotchy now. I know I haven't caused any serious harm and it will have died down by tommorow, but I am afraid I will end up picking again and my skin won't get better in time for my birthday and I don't want it to be like last year where I was constantly worrying about my face!!! I need to STOP now. I can't go on like this it's so draining.
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September 01, 2012
And can I just ask, has anyone actually bought the guide available on here? And has it worked? Just wondered.....I can't afford it as i'm a poor uni student :SSS but it would be good to know if it's worth buying?
September 01, 2012

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That's so weird I was wondering the same thing earlier. But there are some books on amazon I think and I've also seen an audio book but again the question is do they help?

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