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shylittelgirl , 01 Sep 2012

i just cant stop please read

hi I'm Michelle I'm 10 years old and i can't stop scratching myself i think it has been 7 years since i began i do a good job hiding it everybody tells me why do i always wear a sweater and jeans i never get to wear shorts like other girls and in 2011 i had a big car accident my brain got inflated from the impact i couldn't go to school so i repeated 3 grade and my mom and dad are divorced and i barley even get to see my dad so all of my friends are in 5 grade now and I'm in 4 and the school photos are coming up and i will have to take my sweater off i try to not scratch but my heart starts to beat fast and i just scratch and i like a boy and i knew him for 5 years now and if he knows he won't like me anymore and every time i don't have a sweater on my mom says look at what your doing to your self :( well i don't know how to stop ????
2 Answers
September 06, 2012
Hey, don't worry about everything at once, it won't make it better. Try to talk to your mom about seeing a doctor. That means you have to admit your habbit but that is ok. You don't have to tell the whole world but only people you trust and who can offer the support. Try to stay calm, even if alot is on your plate. It's all come from nerves so remember that. Doing something with your hands could help, try to occupy them constantly. I do Mandala coloring. Anything that involves hands is good. Also you can wear bandages on those fingers that do most damage. Keep your nails short. Do let us know how you feel

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