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B.hopeful , 03 Sep 2012

40 days in.

I have picked since i can remember. (fingers) Recently... Looking at my hands and becoming SO tired of everyone asking me "what happened to your fingers?" and having my hubby see them... I was done. My goal was 45 days. I'm now on day 40. It hasn't even been a temptation for me... I literally do not pay any attention to my fingers at all anymore to the point where I just had to go back and figure out how long it's been. I dont know what did it for me. I'm 9 and a half months pregnant and I didn't want my son seeing what I did to my fingers. If he ever picked his fingers because he saw me doing it I would never forgive myself. I love being able to do dishes and swim and be in water without my picked spots rising and looking 50x worse. I now get pruny. Real pruny fingers... Not all picked and hacked away. People LOVE my nails (i always have something fun going on with them) but it was embarrassing to show them when my fingers were red and bloody and picked. Now? I have cuticles. Real cuticles! I have amazing fingers. The first week was hard. After that, healing came so fast and in all honesty you can't tell I've picked for almost 20 years. I want to hand model! There is no evidence I've picked ever. It feels so good and it's possible for YOU to stop picking too. Idk what would work for you... What your motivation would be, but once you find it, don't let go. Mine was my husband and my son. I wore a rubber band on my wrist for the first week and didn't need it after that... I have real finger pads and real cuticles and long, beautiful, strong nails. Everyone. This is possible. I never ever thought it was. I want to encourage you all to push yourselves harder than you ever thought possible to quit. If its something you really want it is NOT out of your reach. I promise you. :)
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September 06, 2012
This is so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations on your baby boy!

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