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ryn_ryn , 04 Sep 2012

I thought I wasn't doing any harm and that I was the only one who does it.

For the longest time I've picked my scalp. Looking for anything. A bump, a scab, Not knowing that I was only making it worse. It seems like it gets worse everyday, my mom screams at me for it but I can't help doing it over and over again. I need help. I just don't know how to get it.
1 Answer
September 06, 2012
It could be an anxiety issue, it could be for another reason, consluting a doctor could help, also finding a shampoo or conditioner that helps moisturize your scalp could reduce those bumps. Working out what makes you want to pick, is it anxiety, its is preventing you from doing certain things? Like socialising. Is it Stopping you for going certain places? finding out the cause of your scalp picking is important, Maybe click on the info, Treatment or Guide buttons on the top of the page, I found those a VERY interesting read :) Gook luck with your journey :)

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