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cutispurgare , 06 Sep 2012

Is total skin recovery possible?

Does anybody know if it's possible for skin to totally recover after years of acne-picking? I will have any dermatological procedure necessary. I just don't know the science of skin; how capable is it of healing itself? Can I ever recover the face I used to have?
4 Answers
September 06, 2012
I should add that I'm 22; maybe my being youngish will make me more capable of recovery? God, I don't know. I would really appreciate any info you guys have.
September 06, 2012

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I believe it is possible, as with any addiction. I have managed to cut down my picking. I no longer pick at my chest or bite my nails, but I still continue to pick at my face. I think it's about making your picking less and less until you don't think about it anymore. I try to keep myself busy, even if it is just researching on the internet about derm or writing a diary. I like to make art about dermatillomania to help me express myself. The more you go out and about and face your fears that people are staring at you for your skin, the more you begin to realise, people rarely notice or don't care. I know this is easier said than done, but coming out of your comfort zone and telling SOMEONE about it makes it that little bit easier in my experience :) Also, by turning this into something positive like making art makes me more accepting of what I have and I can come to terms with it. hope that helps. (oh and I am only 20 and have managed an improvement,so i believe there is hope for everyone, depending on how much you want to change) x
September 07, 2012

In reply to by cutispurgare

Cutispurgare, I believe it is possible, I havent yet got my skin back to what it was, but I am so close, I can now leave my house with no make up on, which is a HUGE thing for me. You have to keep your skin hydrated, drink LOTS of water and eat healthy (I still have junk foods and snacks, but only a minimum) also moistuirsing cream, one with vitamin e is REALLY great! it will take time for it to look better, but it will get there :) Im only 20 and have been using these strategies for about 12 months :)
September 07, 2012
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