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olga , 06 Sep 2012

symptoms worsening

I am hoping to hear from people who can relate to the same issue. Sadly to say, this awful skin picking gets worse and worse. I have had this for 6 years now but feel like the severity changes towards the worst. I cause more obvious damage to my skin that is hard to hide. Healing is very hard because of constant scabing and me trying to expedite the process by touching and removing something that is not ready to come off. It's a non stop process, a vicious cycle that we all hate so much. may be somebody tried something that helped? I wonder how do you brake away when found yourself stuck picking? I think that is the hardest part to leave with a minimal damage. So far, the damage is big and when it's done is too late to cry for help (though I still do). Thank you for reading!
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September 07, 2012
Always remember that over time the scaring can be reduced, there not scars that have sliced skin open like surgery, there ARE ways you can get your skin closer to being scar free, as for making them worse, I had the same problem, I would pick to the point of bleeding and then I'd pick that scab too, there were days where I would sit for hours before bed and pick my scabs in a cycle, start at one point work my way round them all, then start again as the scab started to slightly form.. Its hell. I know. Seeing my doctor really helped, he gave my anti biotics to treat from the inside out and cream to help stop infection, then its a matter of self disciplin, forcing your self to stop. working out the cause of your picking is REALLY helpful to, if is an anxiety issue, trauma from the past, boredom, procrastination, OCD, work on figuring that out, and then work on treating that too :) Its a BIG process, but its worth it to be pick free :)

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