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Steph79 , 06 Sep 2012

How can I heal my wounds faster?

Hello fellow pickers. I'm 15 and I started to pick back in 7th grade when i started to get pimples. I didn't really care how I looked until I got to the end of 8th grade and our graduation was coming up. Luckily on the day of graduation my skin was clear but over the summer I had nothing to keep me entertained so whenever I would look at myself in a mirror I would notice little blemishes on my face and I would want to get rid of them so I picked at them until my skin was red and bleeding all over. My parents have told me to stop picking and even tried to ground me if I kept picking but its hard not to. I picked last night and today I went to school with big wounds all over my face and I wanted to just put on a mask because I felt people were staring at me. I recently found this page trying to look for ways to help my face heal and I learned that I am not the only picker and it makes me feel relieved to know that I am not alone. I want to my face to heal. I want to stop. Does anybody have any remedies or ways so that I can stop picking and let my face heal? Also, I am in my school's soccer team and we work out in the morning and most of the time don't have time to shower afterwards so we have to go to class like that. Does that have anything to do with getting pimples?
1 Answer
September 07, 2012
I suggest using a moisturiser on your face, keeping it hydrated, this will help it to heal faster. for the pimples, ive found a sensitive face wash designed for pimles has really helped. Finding something else to do when your bored, rather then picking your skin, pick up a pencil, and draw, or write, something thats going to keep your hands and mind busy :)

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