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GRE12 , 06 Sep 2012

Finally admitting I have a problem and seeking help...

A few weeks back I was reading Marie Clare during my lunch break when I stumbled upon an article on Skin OCD. Five minutes later I was almost in tears because I had just read about what I have been doing for over 20yrs. I obsess over my skin, look at every pimple or lump, and then go about picking, popping, and prodding until I bleed and scab and scar. Looking back I see now that it started as a child by picking scabs. Then when puberty hit and pimples began, I started doing it more frequently. Now as an adult (29), I notice that I do it anytime I feel stress and anxiety. I've been under more stress then ever the past few months, and I've been taking it out on my body. I pick at my face, but my worst area is my back. My back is completely covered in scars, and I make it a point never to show that part of my body. I am getting married next year, and the thought of trying on wedding gowns has left me stressed and in tears. This disorder is threatening to ruin "my big day". My wedding has been my turning point though. Yesterday I starting researching Dermatillomania, and I found this site. It reaffirmed that I do have a condition, that many people suffer from this disorder, and that it's time for me to get help and to do something about it. I also took a huge step and told my Fiance about it. Without hesitation he told me that he was there for me, that we would get through this together, and that I would not have to settle on our wedding day with a dress that I didn't really love. His support makes me more adamant that I finally need to seek the help I've been putting off for years. To those that have sought help, do you have any suggestions on scar removal remedies? I am currently trying to see a plastic surgeon to determine if laser therapy or skin peels can reduce the appearance of the scars at the least. If any of you have ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.
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September 06, 2012
i've never tried going to a doctor to see about how to remove the scars, but what ive done is get lotion with lots of vitamin e in it and put it over all your scars twice a day and within a month or 2 the scars are way less visible. like i used to have scars that literally looked like cigarette burns, but since ive been using this vitamin e lotion i found, the scars have paled to where they're way less noticable. hope this helps :)

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