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birdie138 , 07 Sep 2012

how to cover my cuts so i can't pick at them?

I've been picking my skin for a long time now and i have such awful scars all over my body from it. i always try band aids on my cuts but i just keep finding loopholes with that. for example, the band aid often falls off withing two day and before it falls off i'll be reaching under the band aid to pick at my skin anyways. is there any way besides band aids to cover up my cuts and other imperfections so i can't pick at them? last night i covered my arms & legs (where most of the picking occurs) in gauze to make sure i can't reach them, however this is extremely uncomfortable because it makes it hard to bend my arms & legs now, as well as i now stick to everything. but on top of that i would need to replace it every day to take a shower & since i used up 5 rolls last night, i don 't want to be buying 5 rolls a day, which i really can't afford because i'm a full-time college student & pretty much don't have an income. my mom suggested leggings but im afraid i would just roll up the leggings to pick at the skin underneath. liquid band aids don't work either because i just get the urge to pick that off too so please anything that could help. i really want to stop this before it gets worse :(
1 Answer
September 07, 2012
I can understand your frustration Birdie, I use to cover min with baindaids and some how managed to pick through the bandaid.. This is something that will need to be will power, its all about self control, its not something that you will be able to cover up and prevent you from picking, as you will find ways around it, My suggestion, Go and see your doctor and ask if they can perscribe any ointments or antibiotics to help them heal, eat healthy and drink LOTS of water, because healthy skin heals alot faster, and then its about self disaplin, when you find your self pick, force your self to stop. Its really hard I know, but you will get there. :)

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